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Dolls Play advantages

Dolls are among the oldest toys that children have ever used. Their first documented use was in Greece around 100 AD. There's a reason these toys have lasted so long in human history. They are a representation of the child and help the child gain a better understanding of themselves and those around them.

While traditional gender roles dictate that dolls are primarily a toy for girls, playing with dolls can provide important developmental opportunities for children of all genders. Here are some ways that doll play can benefit your child's development:

Doll help to develop Social abilities  

Playing with dolls helps to strengthen the social skills that children learn early in their development. When children play house, they learn to communicate and cooperate with one another. They learn how to care for one another by caring for a doll.


Children learn responsibility by learning important social skills at a young age. They practice caring for a doll by playing with it. Learning this skill can help children learn how to care for their pets, or older siblings understand how to care for their younger siblings more easily.

Compassion and empathy

Another important social skill that children learn from doll play is how to process emotions like empathy and compassion. Caring for their doll teaches them responsibility, empathizes with those around them, and allows them to grow into caring people.


Dramatic play, which occurs when children play with dolls, aids in the development of a child's imagination as they encounter creative, imagined scenarios with their dolls and other children.


Children encounter new and unique situations for their games while playing with dolls and their friends. Use useful language to complete your vocabulary and communicate with each other. Children gain insight into home routines that may differ from their own by communicating in this manner with their friends. In this way, they get to know the world around them.



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