Toys importance for child development

Your child's attention span is short, but with the right educational toys, such as puzzles, they can focus more time while solving problems. Your child's attention and attention will be focused on the toy. UKR Toys is full of puzzles and games to challenge your child's mind.

Toys for creativity

Your child's interest in educational toy allows them to be creative in a variety of ways, leading to fun learning and learning through toy. In the process, your child will learn the value of patience and hard work.

Toys for children's sensory development

Educational toys play an important role in the tactile, visual and auditory development of your child. With bright colors, sounds and textures, these toy help to develop small motor and social-emotional skills.

What to look for when choosing a toy for your child

Parents should ensure that their children have appropriate toys that promote growth. Your child's toys should be challenging, and young children should try to figure out how they work and what causes and effects are involved. These toys allow the child to be creative and develop small motor skills. Are the toys safe? Before giving your child toys, make sure they are well made and safe. It must not have sharp edges and must be painted with a lead-free, unbreakable, easy to clean, non-toxic paint. Safe toy can become dangerous due to wear and tear. Are toys fun? A child's pretentious and fun toy can annoy him. Choose age-appropriate toys for your child. It's not about us, it's about them. Are toys versatile? Toys for children should be attractive and appealing. This will help the little one to develop his cognitive skills.

Are toys durable? When choosing a toy for your child, make sure that it can withstand crushing, biting and bumping. So a strong toy will do the trick.

Type of toy

Toys are divided into types and each type provides skills to a growing child. active toy

As the name suggests, this is a toy that will help the little ones all day long. This toy helps children develop coordination skills and improves their motor skills and balance. These toy support your child's physical agility because they build their strength and self-confidence.

Examples of such toy include:

Walks such as tricycles, bicycles
bag of beans
Nature walks and gardening. creative toy

This is a toy that will help your child develop creativity and imagination. Your child's artistic development is encouraged, including the fine motor skills needed to write. An example of this toy;

Finger painting.
Colored pencil
Learning toys

This toy encourages your child's fine motor development. They help teenagers develop self-awareness while improving their socio-emotional skills. Thanks to this toy, your child can understand more about cause and effect.

 An example of this toy;

Virtual disks (CDs and DVDs)

This is a versatile toy. Stimulate your child's creativity because curiosity makes him want to learn more about him. When they try to open the gadget, they will awaken your child's humor. It also contributes to the social development of your child.

How to organize children's toy

After the first birthday, you can let your child take responsibility for organizing the toy after they play. Tips to be easy and fun:

Remove the toy parts. Some toy fit. You can turn it off for better storage. This will make storage easier.

For outdoor toy that are usually large and take up a lot of space, use buckets and plastic boxes. Increase the space: you need to create more space so that the toys do not crowd the playroom. It can be stored behind the door in the closet, under the bed and in the wall space. Be creative: you notice that one of your children always leaves the other children clean. Compress using the hole marked with the name. So your child needs to show what he did.

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