Activity cube - Wooden toy for your baby

When we first labored on developing our wooden baby activity cube, with the bead maze, clock, and appeared quite trustworthy to us. The triangle is going here. We can depend with the abacus. We can flow the beads round and watch them fall. But then what?

As adults, we every so often have a tough time knowledge how a number of the handiest toys like timber toddler interest dice can offer a lot getting to know and talent improvement for our infants and infants, and we neglect about to discover them a bit in addition to assist our youngsters research. We have a tough time breaking it right all the way down to assist a person else research who has a very unique attitude and talent level.

In mild of this mid-night revelation, as we're looking our 6-month antique toddler play with the timber interest dice for...happening 15 minutes, we're reminded that infants and infants see interest cubes absolutely unique than we do. 

Therefore, we need to proportion a number of the methods we have got determined gambling with our timber toddler interest dice (which occurs to be one of the pleasant toys for infants older than one year that we have got found, in my humble, albeit biased, opinion!). 

Wooden Baby Activity Cube Develop Fine Motor Skills 

Wooden toddler interest dice is first-rate for assisting increase early pleasant motor skills. Your toddler can draw close the gears, flow the clock hands, and slide the beads across the curvy wires. Just THINK of the way tough their little noggin is operating to run that bead all of the manner up and round that wire! And why does it hold falling down?! 

Watching the easy idea of motive and impact can assist construct their curiosity, too, which might be why they love losing meals out in their excessive chair. It way mother or dad or grandma or grandpa will select out it up!


Wooden Baby Activity Cube that Teach Sound 

We use masses of clean phrases at the same time as gambling with the timber toddler interest dice, to assist perceive movements of "in" or "out," "up" or "down." Talking in easy language and narrating precisely what the toddler is doing at the same time as they do it facilitates them accomplice phrases with movements. 

We constantly upload a bit silliness, too, with the aid of using converting the pitch of our voice up or down, which provides the measurement of various sounds to their getting to know with the timber toddler interest dice.

Other methods to apply language and sound at the same time as your toddler is gambling with the timber interest dice:

  • Say "good-bye triangle/circle/etc." as they placed the shapes into the play dice
  • Play peek-a-boo with the shapes beneathneath the field and monitor wherein they went!
  • Make sound results while portions flow across the bead maze or clap once they attain the bottom

Wooden Baby Activity Cube Develop Hand-Eye Coordination

ToyVentive timber toddler interest dice additionally comes with a few colourful stacking cups, which might be incredible for assisting your little toddler research hand-eye coordination. They can stack them, disguise matters below them (destiny magicians, anyone?), clang them collectively to make noise or maybe integrate each the stacking and noise with the aid of using tipping over a tower of cups. 

Our stacking cups are fabricated from a durable, non-poisonous plastic, in order that they preserve up nicely and aren't too noisy. 

You also can type them with the aid of using length or with the aid of using colour to present your toddler any other manner to revel in the items. “Does the small one match in the large one? Where did it go?”

Expanding Your Child's Vocabulary

The Essential Words ee-e book that includes the Play & Learn Activity Cube is a non-public favorite. We like to get a few studying and snuggling in at the same time as gambling with the toy! 

The ee-e book consists of easy phrases and facilitates your toddler research phrases that go along with the pictures. We paintings on breaking down precise sounds inside phrases and repeat ones that we adore to practice. Sometimes we are able to face our daughter while we are saying a phrase so she will see what our lips do to make the sound. It's so lovable to observe her try and make the identical shapes as our mouth!


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