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What are the advantages of playing with dolls?

Do you remember playing with Polly Pockets, dollhouses or racing cars? All of these items are classified as small world games. Did you know that small world play can make a huge difference in your child's development? This blog is full of tips and ideas for the best toys and tools to support your child's development!

Why is it useful to play in a small world?

Some of our strongest gaming memories are related to these types of games. Vivid childhood memories are synapses that are formed and stored in the brain. ! Basically, playing in a small world means playing with figures and dolls that encourage children to create playful and detailed miniature worlds. As mentioned, you may remember when you were a child with dolls or action figures. Farms, fairies, firemen and small figures. Key advantages of playing in a small world: Playing in a small world helps children grow and tell stories.

Maybe you've seen your child do the voice acting for a character (so cute!), or maybe you've experienced how special a children's story is when you engage in your child's little world and play out a story for the little world. , "Not like that mother!". Your child is constantly receiving information from you, books and television, and is constantly observing people. As you play through the small world, you can gather this information and develop your own story. You just have to take care of the props! A wide selection of people, animals and building types will help your child create their own ideas. The more adventurous the better. Think of combining a dinosaur and a school!

Pretend play can be very helpful when children need to repeat something to process an experience. Whether it's positive or negative, your child may want to repeat the experience to help them understand it. For example, if sharing a toy is difficult, children can imitate it in a small world game. This can help the child see the other person's point of view. Small world play builds children's self-esteem and confidence.

Children can explore their ideas in Small World games. Sometimes children tend to imitate others while playing games, which can be very helpful in prolonging the game and keeping the game going. When your child has the opportunity to create a little world for himself, he can try out ideas and develop the confidence to support future group games. It's best not to disturb your child while he or she is engaging in this type of play, so consider setting it up during free time in the morning or afternoon. Playing in a small world develops fine motor skills in children.

Children should use their hands or tongs to control the figure. You need both to develop the muscles you need to learn to hold a pencil, tie a shirt, and tie a shoe. But none of this is possible without developed fine motor muscles, so the lower the numbers, the better! Animals, people or fairies will follow your child's interests and engage in fine motor skills.

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