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Block toys are one of those magical toys that never go out of style and can be played from 6 months, well... kids never have to stop! The little ones love to gnaw on them, hit them and of course knock over your awesome block creation.

Meanwhile, the little kids are enjoying their new jobs as boss block stackers, tower builders, castle builders, and general builders who are slow to make progress. And although this all sounds like fun and games, both toddlers and adults much prefer playing with building blocks. That's what blocks are so good at teaching.

The benefits of playing with block toys

Strengthens the motor development.

Fine motor skills are the small movements of the
little fingers and hands that ultimately result in your little one becoming capable to tie his shoes, button his shirt and write you a valentine.

Every time your toddler or preschooler holds, manipulates, or places blocks in a growing stack, they improve their developing gripping skills, body awareness, and coordination.

Cause and teach impact.

Banging two blocks together shows your child that this is the sound that will come out when I perform this action. When you tear down your block tower masterpiece, it will show your child: if I press on it, the tower will fall. While you might be thinking, so what?

You know, your little one is learning that they have the power to make things happen. This is exciting stuff that will ultimately help your child develop early cognitive and communication skills and set the stage for their future scientific researcher!

Enhance early math skills .

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with letting your child explore blocks in free play, it also greatly benefits when an adult has a little guidance. For example, researchers at Purdue University found that children who gave 3- to 5-year-olds play prompts, e.g. For example, building a tower and later copying pictures of cats onto a structure of blocks, three children experienced improvements in math skills: counting, shape recognition, and math language compared to children in a control group.

Aids skills by counting stones and using them as math clues. (I want four square blocks, but I only have two. How many more do I need?)

Blocktoys help develop STEM intelligence.

Block play has been shown to reinforce more than just the "M" in STEM.

You actually help improve the entire acronym...Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics! One reason: building with blocks requires something called spatial thinking, which is partly the ability to imagine how an object will look after you rotate it.

This type of mental gymnastics is increasingly associated with achievement in STEM subjects, including geography.

Development of social skills.

Children from the age of 4 want to build with other children...

But without social skills, there are no epic builds! Here, block play acts as a bridge that helps children learn the arts of communication, collaboration, responsibility, and leadership. After all, budding developers want to paintings collectively to decide what to construct, a way to do it, and who has what job. It’s quite thrilling to observe children construct friendships as they construct blocks.


Fostering creativity.

Unlike single-reason toys (think:digital toys), a block is by no means only a block.It’s an vital a part of a boat, a parking garage, a castle, a farm, a
zoo, a superhero base…whatever your infant can dream up! Blocks, quite
simply, encourage kids to create, to construct, and to push their creativeness to
the limits. As a bonus, remember: Creativity is a should for any kind of
problem-solving, too!





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