Busy Boards for Toddlers: The Best + DIY

Busy boards are a great way for your child to learn through play. Curious children will soon start exploring every corner of the house. Toddlers love opening cupboards, trying to figure out cause and effect, turning on lights almost, ridiculing empty boxes and their sounds, doing all sorts of things, knocking, shaking, and beating drums.

There is a lot going on in your child's development, but there are two important messages to embrace at this stage.

Young children need sensory play. He seeks out activities that stimulate the senses, such as sight, touch, taste, smell, or hearing.
They want to learn practical skills that are naturally oriented. They know instinctively that this is a skill that will get them through the day.
The baby activity board, also known as the Montessori activity board, is a great introduction to crafts that implements tactile learning and hands-on skills, which has many short- and long-term benefits for babies. There are plenty of options for activity boards on the market, but if you can't find one that includes something your child is passionate about, you can always create your own activity board. It's not complicated at all. busy table option. There are all-in-one touchpads with many, if not all, sensor-related activities.

However, there are also busy theme boards that focus more on a specific skill or feeling. This could be a board that teaches the child how to operate zippers or buckles, a board with different types of fabrics, musical instruments or a board that covers hardware such as locks, clips and hinges.

Before you start shopping or going to the garage, decide what kind of pressure plate you want to make so it's not too complicated. List your child's interests and start from there. It is a good idea to add some new things to make it look more attractive to your child.

The best busy board for toddlers

Not all parents want to do it alone. When I proposed to my husband to make a DIY printing plate, my husband's response was, "Pick one up in our limited time."


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