What is a magnetic drawing board?

The magnetic drawing board is essential knowledge for children. This allows you to draw any shape you want using a magnetic pen and eraser. Children can practice drawing on a magnetic board and create their own patterns. The board is small and portable, being easy to carry with you wherever you go. Magnetic cards provide children with a fun and accessible way to learn to draw.

What is a Magnetic Drawing Board?  

The magnetic drawing board is a portable board that consists of tiny circular openings with liquid underneath. The plate attracts magnetic particles to the surface as the contoured edge of the magnetic pin passes through the hole. This allows you to draw various shapes and figures smoothly.

The magnet on the blunt tip of the pen is strong enough to penetrate the liquid and draw particles to the surface. The pen is usually attached to the magnetic board with the help of a string.

The child can delete any design by dragging the eraser and inserting a new one. The templates on this board will also help your child draw with confidence. Magnetic plates are the product of advanced technology and are the perfect creative partner.

What is magnetic paint made of?

The magnetic plate consists of a magnetophoretic display panel. These displays are made of translucent plastic. The whole plate has a hexagonal grid or round holes. A liquid suspension fills these gaps and small magnetic particles. The density of magnetic particles is equal to the density of liquids. So, when you enter the screen, the details appear.

How does magnetic paint work?

The magnetic board works with a pen or a stylus. The magnetic tip of the pen is strong enough to move the piece. As the pen moves, the pieces rise on the board and form different shapes. Forms remain on the screen until your child disables them. This board includes a sliding eraser to erase the drawings.

What liquid does the magnetic paint contain?

The plate consists of a thick, opaque material and magnetic particles of iron oxide. As your child draws, the blunt end penetrates the liquid and attracts magnetic particles.

At what age can magnetic drawing boards be used?

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