Magnetic Toys for Children

With magnetic toys, your child can have fun exploring how to deal with magnetism is an impressive phenomenon. Metal objects can move like magic. This is especially impressive for children who do not yet understand the physics of magnetism. Using magnetic toys, you can introduce your child to physics at an early age. But even older children were surprised by the magnetic game.

Magnetic toys promote spatial thinking

It promotes spatial thinking toddlers can improve their fine motor skills encourage patience and perseverance this can be the basis for an interest in physics and natural phenomena.
Magnetic toys are a good idea even at kindergarten age. However, parents should ensure that the games are age-appropriate for their children. If handling the toys is still too difficult for the child, it can quickly become frustrated and lose interest. Because magnetic toys such as magnetic balls often contain small parts that are easy to swallow, they are not suitable for girls and boys under the age of three. But for older children, make sure they don't put the magnet in their mouth. Magnetic toys for all ages
The magnetic game Mag formers is already suitable for little ones. The set consists of various shapes equipped with magnets. Pentagons, squares, rectangles, and triangles can be put together to form different shapes, e.g.

Since there are no small parts, even small children can use it. You can relax and create a lot of exciting characters. Another big advantage is that the difficulty automatically increases with age. Then your offspring will try harder numbers. Games are never boring.

Our mandarin frames are also suitable for big and small inventors. Kids can use it to make new shapes over and over again. It can be difficult at times. Therefore, the cube is also suitable as a magnetic toy for adults. Due to the weaker magnets used here, the cube is also safe for small children. Conclusion: Magnetic toys are suitable for (almost) all ages
Playing with magnets is good for people of all ages, but not for children under the age of three. On the one hand, they can swallow small parts if there are any, and on the other hand, dexterity is usually underdeveloped at this age. Otherwise, magnetic games are suitable for all ages:

Kinder garteners can improve their fine motor skills
Older girls and boys can add increasingly complex numbers
Adults also like to build and try things
Magnetic toys are not only fun, they can also use your child's skills and stimulate interest in science.


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