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Plush toy are more popular among both small girls and boys, everyone remembers the stuffed animal they loved and cherished as a child. Every night, the rabbit is very tight. A teddy bear that accompanies you on every journey. A soft puppy with a seat next to you at the table. On the surface, these toys are soft and comfortable representations of real animals that you might find at campsites, zoos, or at home. But to your little one, they are more than that. For many small things, the hugs will comfort them, listen to them, keep the secrets and study the surrounding world.

Put the eyelids upside down

When the first filled child becomes an animal in his hands, it is the love of the first touch. Maybe there are two island connections, hugs, hugs, hugs, clean, clean and chewed and even a little chewed. Laughing and smiling slowly, but it is very important if the child feels a little stress. Opening a new world is a big problem! This is the same rabbit and teddy. When you have to start the wall, your child's favorite hugs are comfortable and glory so that they can double with the emotional support system.

From playtime to cleanup time

Plush toy can be very useful for teaching babies about caring because they can quickly become best friends. One of the best ways to do this is the best way. Let's say your little one is drinking tea with his favorite rabbit. First, make sure you have an invitation. After you get permission to attend, you can show your child how to take care of Sprinkle by telling everyone at the table to have a cup of tea and a snack. If you can encourage your child to play with toys such as a doctor's kit or vet kit, you can develop empathy and compassion for your child when caring for the toy as a patient. As a result, your child will learn the importance of sharing and caring for others when faced with real-life social situations such as the classroom.

Let's talk!

Pretending to play with stuffed animals can help your child develop language. Communication is an important part of friendship and children often make friends with stuffed animals, so they get to talk! Chatting with Sprinkle or Cupcake gives you a safe space to practice your vocabulary and express yourself. These boys are good listeners and allow the child to speak freely! Talking to a special soft toy means your baby only hears his own voice and helps improve speech and pronunciation. If you talk too much, pick up the doll and talk to your child to encourage role play!


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