Rattle toys Are the Cutest Toys for Babies

Rattle toys allow babies to explore their sense of touch as they hold, feel and play with them. Different sounds strengthen baby's hearing. Little fingers around a rattle toy ... the hand that makes random waves and movements that make the rattle toys sound ... curious little eyes that open wide at the sudden sound ... little ears that try to find the source of the sound .... and everywhere that little mouth that turns into a big smile while the child loves to find out how to play with his new toy! Rattle toys are truly the cutest toys for babies.

From the start, rattles turn out to be great toys that all babies love. They will keep them busy and entertained for quite some time and are a great way for your child to play alone for a while. But did you know that there are several developmental benefits to your baby when he plays with rattles? Let's understand some of them. 

How do rattle toys help your baby's development?

Rattle toys in different designs, colors and patterns help improve baby's color recognition.
They are exciting and engaging toys that encourage baby to play for a long time. Rattles encourage baby's fine motor skills by encouraging different types of grasping skills.
They capture and hold baby's attention and enhance cognitive growth.
Babies observe rattles as they move their hands and begin to understand the concept of cause and effect.
Rattle toys allow babies to discover their curiosity.
They improve baby's hand-eye coordination. Babies learn tones, rhythms, melodies and volumes by playing with rattles.

Things to check before choosing a rattle toy

Age-appropriate: The right toy at the right time makes a huge difference in baby's engagement. When you introduce your baby to a toy, he explores it and tries to learn the skills to play with it. Too difficult for her age and she won't care for long. Too easy for his age and it won't be challenging enough. The Interlibrary program makes it easy for you to choose toys that are perfectly suited to your baby's age. These help your child reach their developmental milestones and provide entertainment.

Childproof Construction: A common problem with children's toys is the risk of small parts breaking or coming loose. These pose a potential danger to your child. Wooden rattles are sturdier and don't break as quickly. So, parents find it safer to choose wooden toys than plastic ones. Good quality wooden rattles free of harmful elements, tested and checked by experts are the safest choice for babies.

Safe from biting or teething: Babies tend to explore all objects in their environment by biting. As they get older, they can start teething, making them want to put all the objects in their mouth and chew them again to soothe their gums. Therefore, non-toxic and premium quality materials are preferred. 

Learning and Development: As well as being great fun, every object your baby engages with provides them with a learning opportunity. Wooden toys allow children to more effectively observe and learn concepts such as shapes, weight, gravity and many more that contribute to early learning. Plus, Indelicacy’s developmental aids are specially designed in stages to support your baby's growth and development. Each Interlibrary rattle is designed for a specific age group, with special stimuli at each stage to match baby's milestones.


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