Sorting toys can help your kids develop

Sorting is the beginning of pattern recognition, a basic math skill. Between 19 and 24 months, babies begin to learn. How to sort and match sets of identical objects into groups of three.

Why is sorting an important skill?

In particular, education creates specific learning resources to focus on the skills needed to master grade standards. So far, most blogs have focused on customizing and embedding elements. In this article, we will see why one of the skills we want to teach is so important.

The importance of sorting

We all need to take control of the world around us and one way to achieve this is to create order. Because of this, many children are naturally drawn to sorting objects and do not need much instruction. Also, some children may need more help to get started.

But why develop sorting skills? 

Sorting is the next step in the process that begins with matching. When your child puts two objects together with a specific sign, they form a pair. Group some objects and then sort them.

When children classify objects, they learn that some are the same and some are different. When you start grouping based on different properties, you realize that a single item can have multiple properties that you can sort.

This process of looking at an element, evaluating its various properties, and then building it into other elements with similar properties is the first step in applying logical thinking to an object. This technique can be applied to both mathematical concepts and everyday life.

Why sorting is an important math skill

Of the five major branches of mathematics, alignment belongs to algebra, which understands patterns and relationships. Therefore, children who develop strong classification techniques can be easily found.

To make units
Define the set
Classify the item in various attributes
Classify items with multiple properties
Create the formation and expression
Understand the templates, relationships and functions
Compare the difference with the difference
Recognizes the relationship between sets
Understand how settings are used
Currently, children have not developed reliable classification techniques, and later, as well as mathematics, as follows.

Realizes how new  knowledge works know
Obtaining a decision based on information
Decision -Luting and accepting
Work with a daily event
To deal with unexpected conditions.



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