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Using a whiteboard for home education

Millions of UK children have suddenly been homeschooled. A whiteboard hanging on the wall means it's time to seriously quit. As your child enters the 'classroom', the familiar sight of a whiteboard will help them move into a room suitable for study.

Parents who never dreamed of raising children at home are now suddenly thrust back into the role of teachers! Schools across the UK have reopened, but some parents have decided to send their children home at least part of the time. More closures are looming and after-school clubs and extra-curricular activities have been cut back drastically.

Are you one of those parents who struggle to teach their children math, history and spelling? There are many different strategies and methods for homeschooling your children, but they all have one thing in common. No matter how you plan, you need homeschooling supplies. If you've ever walked into a classroom, you've seen the school board boasting glass tops. Wall mounted whiteboards and mobile whiteboards are very useful in classroom settings and work great in home classrooms as well.'

When it comes to homeschooling, it can be difficult to distinguish between "school time" and normal life. After all, your child's class time and free time will be spent in the same space! So creating a whiteboard classroom at home can be very helpful.

With ample space for planning, writing, problem solving, placing artwork, and projecting movies/web pages, a magnetic whiteboard is a useful tool for homeschooling parents. Best of all, when your child returns to school, they can still use the board for play, organization, and homework.

In addition to standard panels, there is a variety of glass panels. Stylish and elegant, it blends well with the decor. They are just as useful as traditional whiteboards, but may be better for the dual function of a playroom and classroom. Glass windows fit perfectly into your interior design and look great in a children's bedroom or living room, wherever you plan your lessons.

Of course, there may not be room for a large wall-mounted whiteboard or a medium-sized mobile whiteboard with wheels. In this case, I would like to use a mini hand-held whiteboard for homeschooling.

It's the perfect size for individual tasks like learning games, quizzes and math. Kids love the small size, so it's fun to learn. Using their own whiteboard can help children focus, focus on work, build confidence and achieve success. Small whiteboards can be used in the classroom to work together in a sociable and fun way. For example, it can be much easier to write and write additions using markers on a whiteboard than on paper. This is a great way to improve your child's reading and math skills. Mistakes can be easily removed and corrected, increasing confidence.

Whiteboard benifits for kids

A small chalkboard can inspire creativity, allowing kids (and kids at heart) to get creative. Encourage children to experiment with coloring, drawing and fine-tuning controls. On a practical level, a whiteboard is a great place to get organized, make a to-do list, and plan the days and weeks ahead. Looking for something more technically feasible than a traditional sheet metal? You might be interested in interactive smart boards. Many schools and universities have invested in smart boards that take advantage of touchscreen capabilities. Smart boards can enrich the curriculum and transform ordinary classrooms into interactive and fun classrooms. Smartboards were originally invented in 1991 and have become a standard resource in classrooms around the world. Smartboards transform the home classroom into a modern era by allowing the child to interact with the learning materials. You can also save and work on your notes so you can compare your progress over time. Project YouTube videos, interactive lessons and educational content on screen and bring your lessons to life. A special pin must be used to power the battery on the smart board and the board must be connected to a power source. In the event of a power failure, this source cannot be used. Back to the drawing board!

On the other hand, traditional whiteboards (sometimes called dry erase boards) are less "technical" but very useful in a home study environment. They've taken over yesterday's blackboard with less pollution and no more annoying chalk dust. The videos can be projected onto the board using a projector, but the lessons are not interactive.

Ultimately, choosing between a smart board and a whiteboard will depend on your child's needs, teaching style, and goals. What is most important to you?

Overwhelmed and confused by the number of board options on offer? The Red17 expert team is waiting for you. We know there are many challenges with homeschooling, so we're happy to advise and help you choose the perfect board for your homeschooling needs.


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