Wooden toys are the best choice for your kids

If you're reading this, you're probably overwhelmed by the variety of toys, colors, and shapes and don't know which one is right for your child!

The toy industry is full of loud, bright, and shiny options, and sometimes finding a wooden toys can seem like an old-fashioned choice. The truth is, there is nothing worse

Quick spoiler: wooden toys are great for your child's creativity, they're great for the environment, and they last forever!

Creativity and imagination
Wooden blocks, arches or stones. How many options can a child play? His imagination is too much!

When you think of Montessori or Waldorf-inspired toys, they tend to be minimal and designed to stimulate cognitive and imaginative functions that allow for natural and harmonious development.

The main idea of ??a wooden toy is to involve the child in the process of exploration and learning, and not just to entertain. Wooden toys usually don't come with instructions, but by their very nature they are perfect for playing with loose pieces (something without a clear shape or predetermined rules). This means that your child can use it independently and in different ways. Children will explore and experiment with new uses without adult intervention, but using their imagination as an object changes their game with each session. Want a real example? Check out the ring in our kids club. It is a very simple and secondary part when you play in the children's gym, but it is a teething ring when your child needs to relieve gum pain. Think that's all you have to offer? Absolutely! You can put it in a treasure chest, use it as a tambourine, and then turn it into a magic pound by playing with other toys.

Wooden toys may seem expensive at first, but your child will use them more than other toys and you will buy fewer toys. 


Simplicity means full motivation

Yes, babies and toddlers need a stimulating environment to keep learning new things. As with everything, care must be taken not to overexcite the child and cause side effects. Plastic toys usually have bright colors, loud sounds and lights. These toys are similar to the screen-induced response (smartphone, TV, iPad, etc.) and because of the constant light and noise they have, they can be very nerve-racking for your child because they feel more stimulated. And it needs to focus on more. . things Wooden toys are a great way to connect your children with nature. The feel and touch of wood is new to your child and he will enjoy it.

Did you know that touching a tree has a calming effect? In the 2017 study, the physiological effects of touching the tree, compared to other materials, the palm of a quiet shell, which stimulates parasitic stress compared to other substances, thus causes physiological relaxation.

So, to check, your baby does not feel exaggerated wooden toys, but you can control it and be subject to natural ingredients ... not very bad!

Dear endless wooden toys

I want you to close your eyes and imagine this scene, join me. Photo by Susan Holt Simpson
You are in the basement of your parent's house, going through a box of your old toys among other things, and you find your favorite toy.
You think you can give your child a dress that is easy to clean, but you find that the face paint and other plastic parts are too shiny or too dull. Taking a closer look, you wonder if it always had this weird look, or if it was just for cracks. Anyway, last but not least, no one remembered to remove the batteries from the back of the toy and now it doesn't work. not good

You will then see your wooden block at the bottom of the box. They are old and still in great condition! A little dusty, but a wet cloth can't do anything.

Which one to choose? The truth is that wooden toys are timeless. They can be abused, but they always last longer than plastic toys. You can send them to your siblings and even your daughter or son!

Environmentally friendly and safe

Let's analyze an important point. Just because wooden toys are made from natural materials does not mean they are safe. When looking for a toy (any kind), you want to make sure it meets certain certifications and safety parameters.

Because babies cling to everything during the month, wooden toys should not break and leave dangerous pieces for your baby to eat. Just because this is normal, be aware that this can happen with some plastic toys (especially very cheap ones!).

In addition, the wooden toy must be completely recycled, because wood is a natural and biodegradable material!

Good appearance

Well, this advice might be a bit naive, but I think it's another wooden toy pro.

You have toys all over the house, but most of them are usually in the living room.

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